Our Patented Solutions


User controlled software and/or hardware with cross-systems/cars operability for inputting and safeguarding personal profiles, preferences and updates to maximize pleasure/protection.


Smart travel plan

Customized advertising

Emotion distinguishing


Dedicated software and/or hardware for preventing car operation hacking to ensure safety, and to give users the power to control their own profiles, which are portable, modifiable and erasable.


Secure authentication 

Enhanced detecting device

Passenger privacy

Correct traffic information


Innovative in-car systems/platforms for personalized and/or location-based e-commerce, environment consideration and entertainment options from partners of multiple angles and possibilities.


Smart windows

AI visor

Autodriving system

Smart buffering


Key Differentiators

IP Entry Barriers

A focus on deep tech such as semiconductor power with IP entry barriers in the form of well-positioned IP solutions and a well-prepared patent portfolio

Global Network/Platform Mindset

Cross-platform, global reach expanding from initial focus on the U.S., Greater China, and Germany-centric markets to a worldwide network

planning - 複製.png
Carefully-Planned Go-to-Market Strategies

Strategic partnerships with leading automakers, chipmakers, ridesharing companies and content/product/service providers