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Innovation Platform



At AI Autos, we are firm believers in the power of collaborative innovation. We understand that working together is better than working alone. As such, we are collaborating with top research institutes and universities in Greater China and California to tackle some of the most important problems in the automotive technology industry. Through co-innovation projects and strategic partnerships, AI Autos and our partners are driving innovation forward to save lives and save our planet.



The Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) is a world-leading applied technology research institute based in Taiwan and specializing in AI, semiconductor, communications, cybersecurity, and cloud technologies and their related applications. ITRI has branch offices in the U.S., Europe, and Japan and over 6,000 technical employees all working to deliver R&D results to industries. ITRI has incubated semiconductor giants such as TSMC and UMC and is actively innovating in the automotive technology field with proven IP and solutions in ADAS, ADS, V2X/DSRC technologies.

In 2019, ITRI unveiled “Taiwan No. 0001”, Taiwan’s first autonomous car to gain approval for open testing facilities. ITRI has also collaborated with international automakers in establishing a driverless car manufacturing supply chain that integrates key technologies such as sensing technology, AI, HD mapping data, and decision control.

AI Autos and ITRI’s Mechanical and Mechatronics Systems Research Laboratory have a formal partnership and co-innovation agreement to develop automotive technology solutions and patent portfolios for the future smart car. We are working closely with highly-qualified technologists with proven innovation and execution abilities.


We are proud to be early pioneers in some of the most influential technologies found in smart and connected vehicles today. 


Our most innovative contributions include OTA updates for vehicle infotainment and operating systems, a telematics system which enables smartphone to vehicle connectivity, an enhanced lane departure warning method, and surround view technology with distance interface. 



Today’s software-defined vehicles require regular updates to keep current with the latest versions of crucial security patches and key feature enhancements. Our OTA solution was filed in 2004 and enables automatic downloads and updates of vehicle programs and systems according to data categories such as entertainment or safety. This type of technology is becoming increasingly prevalent across all car segments.


Smartphone-to-Vehicle Connectivity

Our telematics system which enables smartphone to vehicle connectivity was filed in 2005 and can be found in nearly all modern vehicles today. Our solution enables a portable device such as a smartphone to maintain a connection with a vehicle’s telematics system even when it is detached from it, much like software developed by Apple and Google’s Android for automotive applications.  



The lane departure warning method is one of our earliest safety-specific solutions. Filed in 2006, our solution builds upon a driving assistance system which alerts drivers upon deviation from a traffic lane and enables lane departure warning to continue working even when adverse weather and road conditions obfuscate a sensor’s view. We hope this enhanced lane departure warning method will save many lives down the road.


Surround View

Finally, surround view or bird view technologies provide many practical benefits for drivers who need to get a better view of their surroundings without having to exit their vehicles. Our solution filed in 2009 allows drivers to view a seamless 360 degree video of their vehicle’s exterior along with distance estimations in order to assist in maneuvering and avoiding collisions. 

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