Our Patented Solutions


User controlled software and/or hardware with cross-systems/cars operability for inputting and safeguarding personal profiles, preferences and updates to maximize pleasure/protection.

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Dedicated software and/or hardware for preventing car operation hacking to ensure safety, and to give users the power to control their own profiles, which are portable, modifiable and erasable.



Innovative in-car systems/platforms for personalized and/or location-based e-commerce, environment consideration and entertainment options from partners of multiple angles and possibilities.


Key Differentiators

IP Entry Barriers

A focus on deep tech such as semiconductor power with IP entry barriers in the form of well-positioned IP solutions and a well-prepared patent portfolio

Global Network/Platform Mindset

Cross-platform, global reach expanding from initial focus on the U.S., Greater China, and Germany-centric markets to a worldwide network

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Carefully-Planned Go-to-Market Strategies

Strategic partnerships with leading automakers, chipmakers, ridesharing companies and content/product/service providers